Your reliable partner in the supply of petroleum products (Diesel, Petrol ULP93 & 95, Paraffin, LP Gas, & Oils)

What We Do

Gascall Petroleum specializes in the resale of diesel within the borders of South Africa. With a fleet that consists of tankers, rigids, and road bowsers with a holding facility in Vanderbijlpark. The core emphasis of the business has been placed on bulk supply of our products for wholesale, retail markets and onsite diesel refill (generators, trucks, machinery & equipment)

Who are our customers

We supply a vast range of customers from private clients with small cylinder refills to restaurants, hotel groups, powder coaters, coffee roasters and other industrial clients. Our clients make use of various size cylinders and bulk deliveries for their LPG needs.

Our Goal and Mission

To provide exceptional customer service, technical advice and very competitive pricing to our customers whilst ensuring that we are always in a position to fulfill our client base’s full LPG requirements even during periods when shortages are experienced through the installation of additional bulk tanks at our premises.

We Are Here to help

Get in Touch

If You want to get in contact with us, feel free to chat with us on WhatsApp or email us today.

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